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Bus to Bontoc

Bontoc, Mountain Province, is the historic capital of the Cordillera Mountain region. Many years ago, Bontoc was renowned for actively indulging in tribal wars with neighboring communities. The mountains within the area are filled with carvings and paintings generally referred to as Alab petroglyphs. The inhabitants of the community are made up of mostly farmers and small traders. Boarding a bus from Manila to Bontoc offers you a great opportunity to see lots of scenic views including the Maligcong Rice Terraces, Chico River, Bayyo Rice Terraces, and so forth. You can also visit the Bontoc Museum or take a walk around the wonderful streets of Bontoc.

Visit the Bontoc Museum

One of the things you will love about Bontoc is the unique history. The Bontoc museum features a well-organized collection of paintings and ritual artifacts that showcase the rich culture of the community. At the museum, you also get to meet a vegan boar. Ensure that you visit the souvenir shop of the museum on your way out for Lingling-o pendants, souvenirs, and many other relics.

Visit the View Deck

Get an amazing view of Bontoc from the Bontoc View Deck. Located at a high elevation, you get to see the fertile valley of Bontoc, the surrounding vegetation, as well as the Chico River flowing through. In case you still have more time on your side, you can take time to work around the wonderful streets of Bontoc.

Explore on a Bus from Manila to Bontoc

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