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Bus to Banaue

Known for the stunning rice terraces, Banaue is a small town situated on the Cordillera mountain range of Luzon Island. A visit to the town offers you the opportunity to admire the Banaue Rice Terraces, Batad Rice Terraces, Tappiya Falls, Museum of Cordilleran Sculpture, Banaue Museum, and so forth. For those that enjoy hiking, the trials along the Awan-Igid-Pula-Cambulo Trek provides a good place to hike while you admire the unique vegetation and scenic views. By boarding a bus from Manila to Banaue, a memorable adventure awaits you.

Delicious Local Cuisine with Unique Culture

Another thing to love in Banaue is the local cuisine and the unique culture. Here, you get to enjoy a traditional Ifugao dish, prepared using native chickens. Having a taste of this delicious thick dark soup will definitely make you request more. Furthermore, you can also have a feel of the Banaue culture by taking part in the Imbayah Festival which usually happens every April. This three-day festival serves as the celebration of harvest, bringing people from nearby villages to the town center. The Imbayah festival is filled with lots of dancing, drumming, merriment, and several other traditional activities and games.

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